Hello to all and welcome to Smyth Custom Knives.

I consider myself a part time Hobbyist knife maker that works in the shop between October and April every year and make about 5 knives a year total. During the summers I spend my time in a campground with my wife in South Central Wisconsin. In 2014 I relocated to Central Florida from Illinois so I don't have to deal with winters any more. I am not sure with good year round weather now how that will effect my anemic knife making output.

I hang out at the Usual Suspect Network http://www.usualsuspect.net

I have been fascinated with cutlery from as far back as I can remember. I think that a lot of us here share the same passion. I started out collecting factory knives. But I could always find faults with them. I then moved into the custom world and sold all the factory knives. Then I figured why not try my hand at making knives. So I slowly bought parts, knife making books and a few machines and gave it a go. To date I still buy/sell/trade for all sorts of other knives. To me its been a lot of fun and I have meet some incredible people along the way.

I would like to post some acknowledgments of who helped me along in my knife making adventure. This is no way a complete list but major steps along my cutlery path.

(1996) When I got a little older and had a few spare dollars to play with I tried my hand at cutlery but didn't have much success at the time. Soon after that I bought my first computer and researched anything to do with cutlery. I came upon Bladeforums which was the only knife related forum out there. They soon had a chat forum put on their server and after a short time on the chat forum I found out I was talking to Kit Carson every evening. I didn't know who Kit was at the time other than a knife maker. But Kit was very gracious and helped answer my many, many questions.

(1998) After a few months of questions, I was invited to Kit's house to learn. Since then, I have been back there many times and think the world of the entire Carson family, true southern hospitality at its finest.

(1999) George Young helped me with learning file work and working in Stellite/6K. I was fortunate to be able to buy some of Georges equipment since he was winding down with his knife making career.

(2000) I was invited over to Darrel Ralph's house. Darrel helped me set up a few machines I bought and brought with. He built me mirror blocks and helped me to refine my knife making skills by doing my first auto knife under his supervision.

(2000) Alan Folts was very helpful in helping me obtain color on my knives with anodizing. Alan is the Ti coloring wizard.

(2007) Lee Williams helped me to understand the geometry behind the flipper. My flippers worked OK then but Lee really helped me to get them dialed in to flip with just a finger.

I would also like to Thank my wife Terese for all the years of setting up and maintaining my web page. As well as the many tutorials on how to use PhotoShop and constant computer questions. Without her, none of my Internet web page photos would have happened.

OK, the way I work is, I unfortunately don't take orders any more. Back when I did it got to be too much with work and the family life. I always felt behind and it got to be no fun at all and was effecting my life in a negative way. I do like to trade for things and high end watches have been the menu for the last few years. I do answer all emails sent and all pm's on all the forums I am on. If you ever have any questions about cutlery or want to chat you know how to reach me.

Cheers, Jim